4 x 4 Timber Gazebo with Cedar Shingles

4 x 4 Timber Gazebo with Cedar Shingles

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4 x 4 Timber Gazebo

95mm x 95mm Posts, 95mm x 95mm Spruce Treated Posts and Beams
50mm x 75mm Roof Joist’s, Batten's and Cedar Shingles

A gazebo is a stunning addition to any garden and an extremely versatile garden structure. Outside dinning is not only improved with shelter from the weather but the striking vaulted underside of the roof adds a wonderful atmosphere. This is also the case for using the gazebo as a hot tub shelter, a very popular use, these can even be installed over an existing hot tub.

Install available on a flat level base on all models with either concrete pads under each post  or at least  400 x 400 x 400 cube, Saddle stones Paving or decking

Garden Gazebos rarely require planning permission.

We also manufacture Standard or Bespoke Timber Framed Gazebos with PVc, Felt Shingle Tiles, Cedar Shingles, Thatch, Tiles or Slate roof covering

Garden Kitchens,

Oak Framed Buildings, Garages, Porch, Extensions
gazebos can be collected or delivered as a DIY kit. All fixings for the frame are supplied. We don't supply nails for the shingles or batterns

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