5.0 x 3.0 Douglas Fir Framed Gazebo


6x 100 x 100 Posts  £2,450.00  +  £ 100 for 7 post

6 x 150 x 150 Posts  £1,685.00  +  £130 for 7 post

6 x 175 x 175 Posts  £1,800.00  +  £195 for 7 post

6 x 200 x 200 Posts  £2,150.00  +  £230 for 7 post


The  Gazebo includes:  Douglas Fir posts.  Douglas Fir  top plates,  Douglas Fir knee braces. Douglas Fir rafters, Douglas Fir Battens, Cedar shingles

Standard Roof Pitch 25 Degrees, Other roof options are available i.e hip, gable or felt

shingles, slate etc.

Post sizes available 100mm x 100mm 150mm x 150mm 175mm x 175mm 200mm x 200mm.

The Douglas Fir gazebos can be collected or delivered as a DIY kit. All fixings for the frame are


We don't supply fixings for the shingles, A nail gun is required and 25ml Brad nails 

Gazebo dimensions are: from the outside of one post to the other There is a 150mm overhang at the eves which means that at the bottom of the roof the gazebo is 300mm  across. 

Install available on a flat level base on all models with either concrete pads under each post  or at least  400 x 400 x 400 cube, Saddle stones Paving or decking please forward post code for quote.

Additional options are offered such as Balustrade, Cladding

Our range of Douglas Fir gazebos can be placed directly onto the ground where they will be secure for decades.

The cedar shingles are not treated in any way as is traditional and over time will turn a beautiful silver grey. 

Bespoke sizes and shaped Gazebos available on request

Price excludes Balustrade, Cladding delivery and install

Garden Gazebos rarely require planning permission.

Contact Us: For further advice & assistance, or if you require a custom made garden gazebo design

Roof Options, Felt Shingle Tiles, Cedar Shingles, Tiles or Slate